Applying UV-C Light for Disinfection within Medical & Dental Practices

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Recorded: January 28, 2021

Description: Different times are upon us during this pandemic and people are looking at public spaces and healthcare facilities in a whole new light, raising the question about what business professionals are doing to protect them either as employees, patrons, or patients? Interest in the use of ultraviolet UV-C light to disinfect both air and surfaces, while minimizing the use of harsh chemicals has grown. Although UV-C light has been around for many years as a proven technology in the fight against viruses and bacteria, further information and education of business professionals is needed to facilitate the installation and use of this technology in a safe and effective manner. This session will provide a brief overview of the UV-C technology, demonstrate the steps for assessing and applying UV-C as a solution specifically in a medical or dental practice, and provide an example of how UV-C was recently implemented in a dental practice.

Speaker: Jason Mansfield
James MansfieldJason Mansfield is the Application Engineering Manager for UV-C with OSRAM SYLVANIA, based out of Exeter, NH and will be presenting information during this session on UV-C technology and the steps to apply UV-C light as a solution for Medical & Dental practices.