In Memoriam

Len Horvath (1945 – 2024)

Len Horvath headshot | Quantum Lighting

Short Lighting Career Bio:

During over 45 years of his career in the commercial and industrial building industry, Len was involved in design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

For 25 years, Len was responsible for the BC Telecom (now Telus Corporation) building and real estate division for North America. This provided him a unique insight into identifying energy improvement opportunities beyond his lighting specialty.

Later, he founded and led Quantum Lighting, a unique company dedicated to the design and upgrade implementation of energy efficient lighting systems. Working closer to BC Hydro, Quantum Lighting is responsible for a large amount of demand and energy savings within the province of British Columbia over the last 20 years.

As a business owner, Len freely gave his time as a way of contributing to the community. He served on advisory boards and committees for various organizations such as BOMA BC and the New York Institute of Technology. His contributions to the development of CSA standards for energy efficiency of lighting equipment and building systems was part of his commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Len’s honest and transparent approach, passion for energy efficiency, standards development, and his commitment to building collaborations was an example to everyone who interacted with him. Most recently, Len had directed research projects for the National Research Council in the development of lighting requirements for the NECB (National Energy Code for Buildings), which involved collaboration with the working group in the United States to develop the equivalent lighting guidelines for the edition of latest ASHRAE 90.1. and the BC Building Code.

His multiple contributions to the development of energy efficiency codes and standards will have a lasting impact on the energy conservation programs he contributed to shaping.